Alpenlite Tour:

Holding tanks
Alpenlite, along with host has the best vacuum sealing process
Finished wall section
wall section with slide cutout
Good cabinetry
We liked water resistant surface on box overhang
Like many others, Alpenlite could learn from SnowRiver and S&S on how to make wiring neat

The cabover support did not look very robust, but a lot of manufacurers use the roof to provide the bulk of

cabover support which is fine.


Cabover nose
Good cabinets, superior countertop, but the women noticed no cutlery drawer on this model.
Alpenlite runs a clean shop

Some wields looked a bit sloppy, but appeared strong enough, regardless. The aluminum guage was heavier than we saw with some others. Alpenlite

has been using aluminum lonmgewr than any other manufacurers, but they are really a hybrid, using wood and aluminum. Not a bad thing in my opinion.

Rather small outside power cord storage